The Garden Florist Logo Design Proving Poplar

We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to help the Poplar Tree Garden Centre in Durham last month when they asked us to create a new logo for their in-house florist.  The garden centre itself is fantastic and they also have a very popular cafe, Brambles, which has it’s own identity, and so they wanted to give their florist the same treatment.

What we did

Poplar wanted to produce something quite contemporary at first but were unsure on a colour scheme so we decided the best course of action would be to churn out a few different concepts and see what stuck.  The original name given to the florist at the beginning of the process was ‘Posies @ Poplar’.

After much deliberation Poplar settled on the name The Garden Florist, as they felt it fit in with the theme of the garden centre a lot more.  They also felt that the design needed to be something a little more classic and elegant.

We created another few concepts, again, each slightly different so that Poplar could see the alternative styles available and develop on those ideas.

Poplar were immediately happy with the first design except they wanted it to be a little more prominent so that they could use their new logo on marketing materials, clothing and their delivery van. We created a number of alternatively sized vectors so that they could use them for their marketing materials and also for their social media pages.

The Garden Florist will be launching on April 25th between 5.30pm and 7.30pm with a fantastic Garden Party and an exclusive look at their new Garden Room. You can register your interest below;


For more information about Poplar Garden Centre, go to their website;


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