Let’s Talk About… Logo Design

It’s a cut-throat world out there, guys, but a good looking logo design can potentially be the difference between establishing a positive connection with your intended audience and failing to communicate your message, ultimately harming your chances in your prospective market.

But fear not, my comrades, as we have our Top Tips to producing the perfect logo for your company or event.  Regardé…

Know Your Brand

A logo is essentially the face of your company so think about what impression do you want to give from the offset. Write down some key words about your brand so that your logo reflects your business personality.

Choose the Style

Do you want a logo with the company’s name as the main feature (much like our own) or do you have an image in mind which is a distinctive representation of your business?  For example, Twitter, Nike or McDonalds. Those famous, golden arches are recognisable anywhere but unless you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation like these guys then our advice is to stick to the name being your main feature.  Even McDonalds had to start somewhere.

Once you feel you are established enough, then that would be an opportunity to market the symbol alone.

Choose the Colours and Fonts

These should come hand in hand with your business brand guidelines and every business needs one for marketing purposes.  If you keep changing up the colours and fonts then your customers are not going to recognise your brand and it also says a lot about the consistency within your business. It’s as plain and simple as that.  So choose your colour(s) and choose your font(s) and stick with them, and use them in everything you produce.

Keep it Simple!

Overly complicated designs can become confusing to the customer and rather forgettable.  Also, it can become a bit of a nightmare when you want to transfer your logo onto any branded materials you may want printed for your business which, in turn, could end up costing you more money for the extra work the printers need to put in.

Designs with too much detail are a no go area but you can still create beautiful concepts with simple and structured designs.  If your design is in colour, ask yourself; does my design still look good in black and white?  Your logo, in a sense, needs to be user friendly. And by that we mean recognisable under any circumstance.


There we have it, folks.  Stick to these simple rules and you should have yourself the perfect logo design for your business. Or… You know… Just get us to do it for you. To speak to someone about creating the perfect brand for your business just contact a member of staff via email at info@theeventhero.co.uk or via the telephone on 01388 343 239.


Thanks for reading!

The Event Hero

The Event Hero